About Us

Founded by Ben Endicott and Corey Cook in 2010

Eric, Ben and Corey

Decibel Brewing Company has grown from its humble beginning in Ye Olde Brewe Shedde, to what is now an actual commercial operation that can legally charge people money for its beer.  Ben and Corey have known each other for longer than Ben and Corey can remember. They have embarked on a number of business ventures together. From smashing watermelons in bathrooms to record the perfect “head being crushed in” sound effect, to winning prestigious awards in the field of Audio Design for Radio Plays: Subclass – Science-fiction (Birke knows).

What turned out to be endless months (years) of “fine-tuning our business plan and strategy” finally ended in fruition once Eric Tilley came on board and things got super serious.

Ben and Corey can remember when they met Eric, but they don’t hold that against him.IMG_20160126_194407

Eric honed his craft independently and is a graduate of the Siebel Institute, which, again, is not held against him. A location was finally found in the fall of 2015 and construction began soon after.  After many months of hard work Decibel was finally able to open on September 9th, 2016.  Eric is a self-proclaimed malt man, while Ben and Corey are registered hop heads.  Together they form the trios that has become Decibel Brewing Company, able to offer a wide variety of fine ales.